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Door tension gone

\015 Dishwasher door tension gone.unlatch and will fall all the way open.\015

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Mybad... Before I knew the model number I assumed door springs. Now that I know what we're working on (a KitchenAide), I know that it's NOT the springs but the linkage! Cool!

The repair is a little intense, OK? Not so much that you can't handle it, but enough so that it's kind of a pain. You'll first need to pick up (or order) the parts. The part number is 8194001 and lists for about $20 USD. (plug the part number into a search engine) When you have the parts, you're ready to tackle the beast.



OK. The DW is gonna have to slide out from the cabinet. I generally don't have to pull them out more than like a foot or so. Open the door and remove the 2 screws mounting it to the bottom of the counter top. Then you'll need to remove the "kick panels" near the floor (there are four 1/4" screws holding them in place).

Here's the tricky part... look closely at the water valve (it's mounted just behind the front left leg), what type of water line do you have going into the valve? Is it copper or is it flexible stainless steel braided hose? If it's the flexible stuff, you should be OK. If it's copper then you have to do the following;

Reach under the sink and shut off the hot water valve (the one on the left), then remove the copper line from the DW valve (this is tough to do, btw. Crowfoot wrenches are a life-saver here.) See? The flex hose will come out with the DW and the copper one won't... that's why you have to remove it.

OK... now you gotta start sliding the DW outta the hole. Do this slowly... by inches, don't just **** it outta there 'cause things can get snagged (drain hose, electrical, inlet hose, etc...) so take it easy and watch what you're doing.

After you have it out about a foot, use a flashlight and locate the springs (I BET you that one of the springs and rope are still good... look at that one and see where and how it attaches). Click this link to see a full sized diagram of your DW. Your part is number 24 and the spring is number 18. The spring connects all the way in the back by the rear leg support on the frame.

All ya gotta do now is install the new parts (do both even if one is still intact) and rebuild the unit! I know it sounds all complicated and stuff, but it's really not. It'll probably take you about an hour to get it completed.

There ya go! After you follow these instructions and your DW is happy again, would you please rate this solution as "FixYa"? My "Guru" status is counting on you. :-)

Also... if you have any further questions regarding this repair, don't hesitate to write back. I'll get your post in my email. OK?

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Door tension gone

Rico,Mybad... Before I knew the model number I assumed door springs. Now that I know what we're working on (a KitchenAide), I know that it's NOT the springs but the linkage! Cool! The repair is a little intense, OK? Not so much that ... Dishwashers

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DOOR TENSION The door is too "savage" the tension need adjusting but how there are no obvious screw's available or do we have to remove the dishwasher from its fixed position to get at screws on the side that is if they are there?

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I have had this problem and had to replace the cable (cord) and/or the springs ... KitchenAid 24 in. KUDS01FLBL Built-in Dishwasher

KitchenAid KUDS01FLSS Built-In Dishwasher; no door tension.

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Hello all, We have an Ikea Whirlpool DWF 416 that is a couple of years old and has never caused any problems. From today the door has stopped shutting properly. The electronics and internal mechanisms seem to be working fine, since when you turn it on the cycle starts - but only if you hold the door shut. Has maybe a catch gone? Any ideas for fixing a door-shutting problem like this? Thanks in advance! Dave

The catch is no longer working. Contact IKEA for the replacement part. I'm sure it's available through EBAY or something, but probably not guaranteed or as reliable. ... Dishwashers

Need more tension on door. added a aftermerket raise panel door kit. added weight to door is about 25 pounds.

Are you sure 25 pounds seems like a lot? Anyway take off the bottom panels under the door. UNPLUG FIRST! you will see the springs on each side usually you can adjust them tighter by moving the springs into slots/holes futher back towards the wall. ... Frigidaire 24 in. PLD2850 Built-in Dishwasher

Dishwasher door When I opened the door I heard a pop and now the door drops to the fully open position. It used to stay as open as I pulled it, but now there is no tension as if a spring broke.

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Door drops down no tension

What do you mean buy the door has no tension. looking at the model number it is the two drawer glide systm ... Fisher and Paykel DS602 Dishwasher

My KitchenAid dishwasher's door tension broke. The door falls to the floor now. The model # is KUDIO1FLSS6. What part number do I need and can I fix this myself?

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Door spring has gone slack and the door falls heavily. Any advice?

Remove the bottom access plate. Reach inside and find the spring and re-attach it. If the spring is broken buy a replacement spring. There should be 2 springs,one on each side. ... Jade RJDW2470A Free-standing Dishwasher

My Baumatic bdw9 dishwasher's door is leaking from the bottom, I dont know if it is over filling or the door seals have gone, any help would be appreciated

\015\012open the bottom panel 2-4 screw\015\012take a flashlight and turn the machine on\015\012see where it come from\015\012if you need take the unit out a bit f ... Baumatic 23 in. BDW9 Built-in Dishwasher

Hey Everyone! Ok try this one! I have been working on a KUDS25 Kitchenaid Dishwasher. It was leaking like a siv from the bottom. I replaced both top and bottom plastic bearings and also tightend all the screws at the bottom. Leak Gone, I thought. It now has small leaks down both sides. I have since been told by the owner that he took the door apart himself. I pulled out the dishwasher from the cabinet and ran it. I could see the leaks at the top on both sides of the door latch. I cou

Hello davidgalb. You can install a new gasket to seal the door again. That old seal is not flexible any more. That said, for my time and money I recommend a replacement dishwasher, this one has definitely seen better days. Joe ... Dishwashers

I have a Ignis by Whirlpool ADL 349 A/1 fully intergrated dishwasher which has not been used yet, but the door tension is really bad you cannot keep the door fully open to load or unload as it springs back up any ideas on how to fix this?

I also have the same problem so i rung customer care & they said it is not a fault just the spring is working too good. Said it will settle down after a while.I keep pullig door down & up just to see if it settles down. Will let you know in a ... Whirlpool Dishwashers

Kenmore 587 I have a Kenmore 587.1414 that is only 2 years old. I can hear it filling with water and then after a while it will drain, but does nothing in between. After the cycle has ran completely, I can open it and the dishers have never got wet and the soap door is open but the soap has just ran down the side of the door. What could be wrong? Motor gone out?

I think you are right. That would be the most obvious answer. Some motors are warrantied for 2 years or longer. ... Kenmore 16602 / 16604 / 16609 Built-in Dishwasher

My dishwasher, a Whirlpool DWF B10, is not cleaning properly. When the cycle has finished, there is always a block of undissolved dishwasher tablet/powder left behind. My guess is that the seal to the powder door has gone and allowing the tablet to get wet too early and part dissolve before the door opens - is this likely to be right? If so, can I get a replacement seal or do I have to replace the whole powder & rinse aid containers ??

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I have a model # GLD2161SCB1 dishwasher. the door spring is not working, the door has no tension and just falls open. how do i fix this problem

... Frigidaire Dishwashers

How do i change the door spring on my whirlpool dishwasher? i don't know model # as the label on door is gone but it's about 3 yrs old. no manual as bought at dent & ding store.

Normally the door springs depending on what side has to be changed by pulling out the unit ,the spring runs underneath along the lower side to the back ,its a bit technical to do but if you go to searspartsdirect you can see the image of the whirlpoo ... Dishwashers

Bosch dishwasher the string on the door tensioner has broken I have the new part but dont know how to got out the lower part. Do I have to take off the hole door or is there an easy way to change it? It seems odd that as its string and must be prone to breaking that there is not a simple way to fix it.

You have to remove the entire dishwasher from under the counter. Then locate the broken cable. There is a panel you need to remove to access it. It attaches to a spring which goes to the underside of the dishwasher. Not an easy repair. Need alot ... LG 24 in. LDF 7811 Built-in Dishwasher

My frigidaire dishwasher leaks from the bottom right of the door. It forms a puddle while running a load of dishes. Looks like the seal is gone underneath the door on the right side. Any idea how to replace this seal? Thanks.

One possible solution to your problem could be as follows... Could have been little regular soap or something put in that made it suds up causing it to leak out of the front and sometimes not to drain all water out. Pouring vegetable oil into the dis ... Frigidaire 24 in. PLD2560LCC Energy Star® Built-in Dishwasher

We have a model KUDPO1FLSS2 Built in. it appears the "tension door spring" or whatever it's called has broken....the door is in "free fall".

Google Kitchenaid parts or call your local appliance parts store ... KitchenAid 24 in. KUDP01DL Built-in Dishwasher
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