Having problems with your Bosch 24 in. SHE44C02UC / SHE44C06UC / SHE44C07UC Built-in Dishwasher ?

We get a white film on dishes and silverware after running then dishwasher. It 's getting worse gradually over time. What is the cause and how do we correct it.

Answers :

If\015\012your dishes or glassware appear with a white film or a white powdery residue or spotted following a complete\015\012wash cycle, adjusting the amount or type of detergent you?re using and\015\012adjusting your hot water heater?s water temperature may solve the\015\012problem. But before you do either of these, put a rinse additive (such\015\012as Jet-Dry) in the rinse dispenser to improve the sheeting action of\015\012the water.

Next, you?ll have to determine whether the film is\015\012removable or permanently etched. To do this, soak a glass in undiluted\015\012white vinegar for about 15 minutes. Or, wash the glass with warm water\015\012and concentrated dishwasher detergent or a high-phosphate detergent\015\012(such as Glass Magic).

If the film comes off, it is probably\015\012caused by hard water minerals, improper amounts of detergent, or\015\012unsuitable water temperature.

Permanent etching is often\015\012caused by a combination of soft water and excessive heat or detergent.\015\012If glassware is permanently etched, there isn?t anything you can do to\015\012make it clear again. But you can avoid future etching by taking these\015\012steps:

1) Be sure hot water entering the dishwasher is no hotter\015\012than 140 degrees F. Don?t use extra-hot settings such as ?Power Scrub,?\015\012and use the ?Energy Saver? dry cycle.

2) Adjust the detergent amount.

3)\015\012Don?t pre-rinse your dishes before loading them in the dishwasher. Food\015\012particles on the dishes actually help the detergent and drying agents\015\012clean better.

A common cause of poor washing results is\015\012improper loading?dishes that block or impede the spray arm(s) or\015\012prevent the soap dispenser from opening. On the other hand, if your\015\012dishwasher has chronic problems with good washing, the problem may not\015\012be your dishwasher. A good first step is vary the amount of dishwasher\015\012detergent you're using and try switching brands.

Other\015\012possibilities: Your home?s water pressure may be too low, your water\015\012may be too hard, or the water temperature may not be hot enough.

In\015\012order for your dishwasher to fill to the appropriate level, water\015\012pressure should be from 20?120 pounds per square inch. If you suspect\015\012that your water pressure may be low, turn off all faucets or other\015\012users of water (such as washing machines and sprinklers) and then put a\015\012half-gallon jug under the kitchen faucet. Turn on the hot water\015\012full-blast. If the jug doesn?t fill within 14 seconds, your water\015\012pressure may be too low for proper dishwasher operation. Call your city\015\012water utility to discuss your options, or avoid drawing water elsewhere\015\012in the house or yard during dishwasher cycles.

The right amount\015\012of detergent to use depends on how large your load of dishes is and how\015\012hard your water is. Hardness is measured in grains of minerals?the more\015\012grains per gallon you have, the more detergent you?ll need. If your\015\012water has 12 grains or more of hardness, fill both dishwasher soap cups\015\012completely with detergent. If that doesn?t work, consider installing a\015\012water softener. (For more information, see the article Water Softener\015\012Systems.

To check water temperature, hold a meat thermometer\015\012under the hot water faucet for two minutes; if it doesn?t register a\015\012minimum of 140 degrees F., turn up the temperature dial on your hot\015\012water heater. (However, if you have a newer dishwasher that heats the\015\012water internally, it isn?t necessary to turn up your hot water heater.)

If\015\012your dishwasher has worked fine in the past but suddenly your dishes\015\012aren?t clean after the dishwasher completes all cycles, listen to the\015\012spray arm(s) spinning inside during the wash cycle. If spinning poorly,\015\012wait for the machine to cool down, remove the spray arm(s) by\015\012unscrewing the hubcap(s), lifting the arm(s) off, and then cleaning out\015\012the spray holes in the spray arm(s) with a stiff piece of wire.
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We get a white film on dishes and silverware after running then dishwasher. It 's getting worse gradually over time. What is the cause and how do we correct it.

If\015\012your dishes or glassware appear with a white film or a white powdery residue or spotted following a complete\015\012wash cycle, adjusting the amount or type of detergent you?re using and\015\012adjusting your hot water heater?s ... Bosch 24 in. SHE44C02UC / SHE44C06UC / SHE44C07UC Built-in Dishwasher

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Juice glasses have a white film on them. We filled up the rinse agent and changed dishwasher detergent and still have the problem. In fact it is getting worse. [email protected]

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