Having problems with your Equator 20 in. PLS600 Free-Standing Dishwasher ?

Erestanding Equator PLS600 Overflows

\015 What can cause these dishwashers to overflow? I know of two reasons. Are there more?This dishwasher certainly could never be called a pot scrubber, but it ran satisfactorily for two years. Then it began over flowing. The cause the first time was the filler shut off. The filler shut off mechanism is a pressure switch at the end of a long tube. When the water rises to a sufficient level it is driven into the tube raising the pressure and closing a switch and causing a relay to shut the fill valve. the tube had been clogged with built up debris and cleaning out the tube caused it to resume working.The second time the clean out fix did not work. The problem this time seemed to be the door. There is no door seal at all on the dishwasher. Instead, flanges on the sides of the door opening fit loosely into deep recesses on the door sides and a flange on the door bottom fits in a recess at the bottom front of the door opening. Water splashes on the door, runs down and collects in the recess at the bottom, flows through that channel to the sides where it runs back into the sump.The channel at the bottom had become clogged and the water could not drain easily back into the sump.It built up until it overflowed. Cleaning it out seemed to fix the problem.It worked for several loads before it overflowed again. This time it does not seem to be either of the first two problems.Is there any other possible cause of an overflow?Thanks.\015

Answers :

May be this time the drain hose has been clogged or the drain hose is at a higher level than the unit or may be the drain pump has stopped functioning.
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Erestanding Equator PLS600 Overflows

May be this time the drain hose has been clogged or the drain hose is at a higher level than the unit or may be the drain pump has stopped functioning. ... Equator 20 in. PLS600 Free-Standing Dishwasher

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Problem solved. Removed spray arm assy including nut (attached to body). Manually moved propeller inside water inlet. This freed it up enough to get her working again. Apparent cause was enough debris in chamber to cause it to seize. Note that t ... Equator 20 in. PLS600 Free-Standing Dishwasher

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I have an equator PLS600 and I can't seem to get it to work. I have tried the WikiFix to help a stalled dishwasher, by adding water and vinegar. When I put on the wash cycle it does not run. Even with the short rinse cycle, the sprayer will not move, and the machine will just run through the cycle until it starts to drain. Please help!!! Thanks =)

Give the spray arm a spin to make sure it rotates. It should spin freely. If not, remove plastic spray arm clip, flip it over, replace it, and try again. Make sure holes in the spray arm are clear of debris. Spray arm must be clean for it to spin ... Equator 20 in. PLS600 Free-Standing Dishwasher

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Bosch SHX45P05UC: i see from other forums this model often overflows within a year of being installed. Customers must make modifications to the drain system to accommodate the company's failed design. Is there a fix for an overflowing bosch dishwasher in the filter system, to eliminate the larger particles of food from lodging in the machine's drain/pump system?

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Sounds like you've got a problem with the water intake valve(s). If it takes on water without water running in the sink, that is where I would look. If it happens when you use the sink, then I would also check your drain hose placement ... Dishwashers

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The GE Profile Dishwasher does not drain completely. The bottom drain shows no obvious clog and the screens are clear. The overflow drain in the back of the washers the only reason the dishwasher does not overflow. Any suggestions......The washer is about 10 years old...

Uncouple the drain hose connection under the sink and use a wet/dry vacuum to **** out the drain hose and the stub on the sink drain plumbing to clear any possible clogs. There may be a blocked check valve near the pump that might have to be cleaned ... GE Profile PDW8400J Built-in Dishwasher

Bosch shx dishwasher that leaks from the bottom. When I hit the cancel and drain it drains just fine. I have taken off the front of the door and see the water starting to overflow on the front tray when I run the cycle. Before it starts to overflow I hit the cancel drain and the water does drain

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I was an idiot and put dishsoap in the dishwasher because I ran out of regular dishwasher soap. Now the dishwasher keeps overflowing with bubbles. I keep wiping all the bubbles and extra water out but when I turn it back on it is again overflowing with bubbles and bubbles are leaking out the bottom. What can I do about this?

You must rinse all the soap out the best way is to make the drain hose lower than the tub of the washer and run the garden hose into the drum and slowly rotate the drum as you rinse it out after a complete rinse you should run a rinse and spin cycle ... Dishwashers

Parts needed I need an outlet pipe Part# V24A000Q8 and four brackets Part# V13A000A9 for a Equator model #SB-72/1 dishwasher. Any place where I can find them. Equator is out of stock and it could take 6 weeks to order. I would appreciate any help you can give me! Thanks, Pearl

If the manufacturer is out of stock...chances are you will not be able to find them anywhere else. Your best bet would be to go to a metal machinist shop and have some custom made. You can have this done for the pipe as well. ... Equator SB72 Built-in Dishwasher

I have an Equator Mini Maid PLS602S dishwasher. It works fine, but the upper spray arm fell off and the clip and knob holding it in place are missing. Equator said they no longer make this model and don't have the parts. Can you tell me where to get the clip and knob to hold the upper spray arm in place. I know there is a little white clip - I actually had it but lost it, because when I tried to hold the arm in place with that, the next time I ran the dishwasher the arm fell off again. I

There are no parts sources that i can find for this dishwasher, but my suggestion to u is this, locate an appliance repair shop in the local area that has dishwasher parts, bring the portable unit down to the shop and see if they can mat ... Equator Dishwashers

Overflow My dishwasher just overflowed during the wash part of the cycle--any ideas? Kitchen drain is fine...garbage disposal is fine...Where do I start to fix it?

Open the dishwasher..in the bottom there is a screen held in with 2 screws. remove the 2 screws and remove screen cover. after its removed there may be another peice that just pulls out...once you remove that just reach in and clean out..be careful b ... GE Nautilus 24" Built-in Dishwasher

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An electric switch activated by air pressure. This device detects air pressure exerted on it through a flexible tube connecting it to part of a water tub. \015\012When activated, this switch then opens an e ... Dishwashers

Overflow The overflow on top of the sink is spewing out water when dishwasher is draining.

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