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Quiet series 300 maytag water won't drain

\015 Hi I need help, got my quiet series 300 maytag 2 months ago at sears, now it won't drain the water, I canot find the drain hole to check for debri, I hope it's not the pump but somthing stuck on the drain, can saome one tell me where the drain hole is, is there a schematic diagram to find it, if it is the pump I'll have to take to to sears, but first I hope I't somingh stuck on the drain hole, p[lease help.\015

Answers :

This is more of a tip than a solution as I am having a partial-draining problem and have discovered by accident how to have the Quiet Series 300 "drain only" (which is not an option on the control board and the manual doesn't seem to address this).\015\012
\015\012TIP 1:  The "drain-only" function can be activated by selecting "Rinse Only", pushing the "Start" button, and then pushing the "Start" button again (which cancels the start).  This activates the drain pump which will drain any remaining water.  \015\012
\015\012I think I might have a partial clog below which I have been able to access so far as I removed the top drain cover (3 --I think the term is star screws) and used a screw driver to take debris out from between the drain blades.  This improved things but didn't solve the problem. As of now, I just completely drain the machine by cancelling the "Rinse only" as described in TIP 1 above.   \015\012
\015\012TIP 2: If you don't have a star or hex screwdriver, you can pick up one very cheaply at a discount store (e.g., Odd Lots, Marcs, or even some Dollar Stores).  Check out their tool section.  I've bought a bunch of stuff, sure it is not the highest qualilty, but how often do you use most of your tools?  I bought the star-screwdriver set for about $1-2 and will probably use it 10-20 times in my lifetime. I bought it to change a bulb in out minivan and have now used it again.  In my cynical opinion, more and more companies are NOT using straight or phillips-head screws as a way to force many to use their repair services.  I'm not a professional, just a guy who's using the internet to feel his way around in the dark.
To jy13: Terrific nugget of information on the 'Drain-Only', works like a champ. That D-O phase only needs to be run for about 1/2 minute. I, too, had water at the bottom, probably within the 'normal' range, but still, it's nice to get it all out in one fell swoop.
\015\012My problem was heavy water leakage from under the door during operation. It screamed drain blockage, so I Shop-Vaced all standing water out of there and completely dismantled the floor mechanism - the bottom water blade and the (2) circular, toothed pieces star-screwed in. The lower piece maintains 5 or 6 chambers, covered by a fine screen mesh, and inspection showed that about 80% of these chambers had packed, I mean packed, food debris in them. I ran hot water through the mesh, eventually loosening and removing all the grit stuck in there. And while I had everything exposed, I gave the drain hole a good Shop Vac enema for good measure.
\015\012All is well (and dry!) now.
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Quiet series 300 maytag water won't drain

This is more of a tip than a solution as I am having a partial-draining problem and have discovered by accident how to have the Quiet Series 300 "drain only" (which is not an option on the control board and the manual doesn't seem to address this).\0 ... KitchenAid 24 in. KUDI02IRBS Stainless Steel Built-in Dishwasher

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My Maytag dishwasher Quiet series 100 gets no water

I would cheak your float switch witch is located on the bottom of inner dishwasher move it up and down may be stuck.then try.If that will not work you may have a bad micro door switch.Good luck:) ... Maytag MDB5100A Dishwasher

I have a Maytag Quiet series 300. It has a drain that is routed up into the sink instead of the Disposal. A home inspector is saying that it is not suppose t drain up through there? It has always drain up through that area. Isn't that the main drain?

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